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Apigenin – 100mg Optimal Dose

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100mg x 120 Capsules

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  • OPTIMIZED FORMULA WITH TRANSPARENCY - Dive deep into the world of rejuvenation with our meticulously formulated Vinco Supplements. This Ultra Pure Apigenin supplement doesn’t just offer a blend; it offers transparency. Crafted meticulously, each bottle offers a 120-day transformative journey packed with 120 capsules. With each 1-capsule serving, you get Apigenin 100 mg Optimal Dose.
  • UNIQUE FORMULA - The Vinco Supplements apigenin vegan stands out due to its extra-potent formula. A single capsule delivers 100mg of apigenin at 99% purity. This outstanding ingredient is naturally derived from grapefruit and supports you for better sleep and relaxation.
  • FEEL THE FULL EFFECTS - Taking our apigenin sleep capsules can help you notice improvements in your mood and overall stress levels. By helping you relax, this supplement can improve your life and help you enjoy each moment more.
  • NAD+ BOOST - Our apigenin high strength can help to improve the levels of NAD+, a critical coenzyme found in every cell that supports high energy levels and may have anti-aging benefits.
  • Your Loved Ones Will Notice the Difference: The apigenin UK supplements help you relax, unwind, and enjoy better sleep. The result? A much better mood that your family, friends, and coworkers will notice immediately.


At Vinco Supplements, we put your wellness and well-being above all else. For that, we work with verified suppliers and a team of experts who work relentlessly to develop new and innovative supplement formulas that can make a real difference in your life. One of the most neglected areas of modern life is sleep. Without proper rest, it is virtually impossible for the mind and body to function properly and regain strength after stressful and difficult days. For those who are ready to invest in their wellness, our apigenin 100mg capsules are key.

Apigenin UK Capsules – Rest and Relaxation in a Single Capsule

Derived from grapefruit, this apigenin formula reaches 99% purity and delivers 1000mg of pure substances to your body. Our sleep support formula not only delivers double the amount of pure apigenin as the average competitor, but it is also 100% vegan and non-GMO. Another key feature of our product is that it can help increase NAD+ levels for aging support and more energy. Due to its high concentration, a single capsule of our apigenin formula daily can help you see real differences in your mood, sleeping patterns, and relaxation.

Some features to keep in mind about our apigenin supplement:

  1. The pack includes 120 capsules
  2. Vegan and non-GMO formula
  3. 100% gluten-free
  4. Made with apigenin 99% purity
  5. Naturally derived from grapefruit
  6. Made in Britain

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